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Our Story

Our beekeeping story began in 2017 when bought our first piece of land on Ten Box Rd. We wanted to reduce our property taxes so we bought our first ten boxes of bees.  Our passion for beekeeping quickly grew and over the years we have expanded our apiary to include hundreds of hives. We are passionate about beekeeping and are dedicated to providing high-quality, naturally produced honey. We believe in protecting the environment, promoting sustainable beekeeping practices, and supporting local beekeepers. We are proud to be a part of the beekeeping community and look forward to many more years of sharing our honey with the world.

Christianne Simmons

Welcome to Ten Box Bees! We are passionate beekeepers, dedicated to delivering the highest quality beekeeping products and services to our customers. We will work with you to ensure optimal results with your beekeeping projects.

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William Simmons

We have been keeping bees for over 6 years and manage over 100 beehives. We love working with bees helping new beekeepers. We offer land owners a cheap alternative to reduce their property taxes burden and we offer our community a great tasting local honey. 

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